Major Event Services is building a strong reputation in the seating industry for being flexible, reliable and sensitive to the needs of organisers in many different fields. We understand the importance of understanding the mind set of organisers across the industry and the unique requirements of any given project. We also take care to advise organisers on the best options and suitability for their event.

We provide our clients, usually at the tender phase with a detailed 3d visual of the grandstand that they have requested or we work with them to provide suitable options.


bandstand-services To the left is an isometric view of a 250 seat grandstand raised one metre to the first terrace.


As you can see it may be important to get this visual to better understand the impact of the grandstand in relation to the rest of the event infrastructure. At this point the grandstand design can be changed easily depending on your preference without any impact on logistics or cost. Using AutoCAD or Sketchup means our grandstand can be layered onto existing site plans and will aid the event organiser in proper logistical planning and safety considerations for example regarding access and egress to the grandstand.




Maybe there are logistical difficulties. Maybe there are time constraints or penalties. These are all factors we are familiar with and have more than likely come across before. Our experience tells us that proper planning and communication with the organiser is high priority. Reliability is equally important. We will issue a method statement that will reflect or delivery and removal schedule. We make sure we adhere to this schedule at all times, no excuses.




Before we arrive on site we will have issued a Risk Assessment. This carefully documents all the hazards associated with the installation and dismantle of the grandstand. This document is bespoke to all contracts and is carried by the site supervisor. Safety is paramount and all our operatives have been briefed before arrival on the content of the Risk Assessment.
The Method Statement issued prior to arrival details the method we use to build the stand at your venue. We take care and every precaution to ensure that operatives are not exposed when working at height or in any situation during the build that may cause hazards. The equipment has been designed with these safety concerns in mind and they are outlined in the Method Statement. We know that the right way to build the stand is the safe way.
All the equipment we use to build our grandstands meets the new ‘Spectator Facilities’ regulations for grandstands set out in BS 13200-1 to 6.
Whether we use a lorry mounted forklift, an all terrain forklift or telehandler we always use equipment which is serviced, tested and carries safety documentation. Operators are all trained and carry the relevant certification.

Grandstand EquipmentYeovilton Rear ViewYeovilton ISO Underneath Yeovilton ISO View6 SIDE ELEVATION.fw